• Technology in Kindred Nursing Homes Makes Charting Mobile, Easier and More Secure
      December 11, 2012

      Over one-third of the facilities in Kindred’s Nursing Center Division will be using a Web-based application called PointClickCare ( by the end of the year; the program replaces the traditional paper chart (which can be bulky and hard to search) and has already made patient records easier to access and update, while protecting patient privacy.

      To access PointClickCare, users must log in with a unique user ID and password, keeping it secure. Once in the system, clinicians can complete their documentation right in the electronic chart.

      When paired with the Computer On Wheels (COW), the PointClickCare program can be accessed in various places throughout the nursing center, most importantly in the patients’ rooms and at their bedsides.

      “Traditionally, clinicians have been able to do some things on the computer but they still had to print the pages off and put them into the paper chart,” said Martha McFadden, Manager of Clinical Systems Development for Kindred Healthcare. “Now, many things can be done and stored online. The feedback we have gotten has been very positive – people just love it.”

      One of those people is Jill Pearson, LPN, Executive Director of Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Greenfield.

      “PointClickCare arms my staff with knowledge in a way that was never possible with a paper chart,” Ms. Pearson said. “If a dietician is meeting with a family, for instance, she has all of the information about the patient’s issues and progress at her fingertips, allowing for a more productive conversation. Once the conversation is over, she can easily add a note about it to the file using the same technology.”

      The technology has also improved and facilitated conversations between nursing staff and physicians at her skilled nursing facility and transitional care unit, Ms. Pearson said.

      “When a nurse is on the phone with the physician she can easily access information about the trending of vitals or progress notes with no hesitation,” she said.

      The user-friendly, intuitive program has several features that make it especially exciting: the dashboard feature provides a snapshot of key information contained in each patient’s file. For more detailed information within the patient’s record, users can simply click on the area in which they are interested. Alerts remind clinicians when assessments are due, and a care plan section allows users to easily see and update the care plan for any given patient.

      Staff nurses have raved about the ease and efficiency of the program.

      “PointClickCare has opened up communication in the building to levels that are amazing,” said Mandy Vaughn, LPN, Unit Manager, Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Greenfield. “There is no more hunting for charts and wasting time that could be used for other things, like delivering the highest quality patient care.”

      PCC COW

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